Asbestos Hazards and Dangerous Threats Inside Cooling Towers and Power Stations


According to HSE guidelines the construction of cooling towers should be planned and built in a strategic manner to avoid health risks of workers. During the 1950’s asbestos was a widely used fire retardant insulator that was fabricated for use in power stations, factories, steelworks and of course the residential built environment for piping and more.

Whilst many politicians debated the serious issues related to the continued development of nuclear power stations and their role as an energy resource, they neglected to identify a major nationwide health and safety problem. This immediate danger affected construction workers in power stations who handled asbestos products on a regular basis; residents who disturbed decaying asbestos in their homes; factory workers who unknowingly inhaled deadly asbestos dust – These innocent bystanders who, years later, could be suffering devastating health concerns or have actually died from illnesses such as Mesothelioma cancer or scarred their lungs and be attempting to claim compensation for pleural plaques. More information can be read about the effects of asbestos in power stations at: “View further information on the use of asbestos in powerstations during the 1950’s“.

According to HSE (Cooling Tower Construction 4.1.2) ~ all new construction guidelines must be adhered and are detailed in ACOP L8 on design and construction in paras 70-78. HSE are particularly concerned about diseases that lie in stagnant water such as legionnaires. Legionnaires disease and the control of legionella in water systems is outlined in the Approved code of practice and L8 –

It is detailed that new cooling tower water systems must be constructed in such a way that the packs can be removed for inspection and cleaning. Pack removal can be both strenuous, laborious and take time depending on the setup. Older cooling towers contain more risk as the practicality of pack removal contains risks within itself. Often the packs are decaying with age and disintegrate on removal. The dismantling, or partial dismantle of the cooling tower is occasionally the only safe method. New cooling tower packs are designed in such a way whereby removal and access is easy. Generally through the use of access hatches and sectional pack system, or through using a hanging fill pack which basically has removable sides leaving less to clean in situ. This restricts any harmful exposure that workers, industrial cleaners and inspectors may face.

Top Cooling Tower Water Treatment Companies

As Industrial plants, factories and businesses rises so is the need for a clean water, cooling systems ,air conditioning for huge  companies, water treatments and other necessities that a factory basically needs to function effectively. Thus all of the aforementioned utilities have become a must, without such necessities and amenities that the industry provides for huge companies and plants today. Your plant’s performance would eventually slowly down resulting in slow production and less income.

There are three features that you need to look for, when searching for top cooling tower treatment companies. It must provide scale prevention; control and deposit corrosion. It must offer microbiological control and provide online cleaning, specifically for automated water systems.

Here is the list of top cooling tower water treatment companies that is considered to offer the best services:

•    The Chemical Company otherwise known as TCC, which engages in manufacturing, custom manufacturing and distribution of merchandise. Specialty chemicals for pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, even foods and in papermaking. For industries that utilizes polymers, resins and plasticizers.

•    Cannon Water Technology- provides water treatment machines or devices, chemical pumps, cooling tower chemicals, steam boiler chemicals and a lot more. Along with the services they provide they also have Corrosion coupon Rack which is a part of their corrosion monitoring system. They also got Aquatel which is a wireless monitor used for tank monitoring as well. Cannon sells wireless systems which makes your cooling tower water treatment accessible anytime when there’s something wrong with it. Upgrading to the latest state of the art technology nowadays, they likewise offer Echopod ultra sensors which is easily integrated to the WebCal software.

•    American Water Chemicals (AWC) which specializes in manufacturing and supplying water treatment chemicals for RO (Reverse Osmosis method). In which such method is used as a pretreatment industrial system. Modifying its product line to include manufacturing of chemicals for cooling and broiling systems. AWC or American Water Chemicals A-700 is developed as a corrosion inhibitor for potable water system’s treatment.

•    QualiChem technologies on the other hand supplies custom designed boiler and cooling water treatment chemicals. As well as boiler water treatment chemicals such as tri-blend amines, alkalinity builders, cooling water treatment chemicals and a lot more. They also designed the Cooling Tower chemical 1334 which is an all organic treatment recirculation of cooling water system.

These are just among the many cooling tower water treatments that made it to the top, which became the most sought after service provider all over the world.

Top 5 Recommended Companies for Cooling Tower Rental

Good thing that one of the greatest amenities that the Internet has brought to mankind today is the accessibility in all sorts of information. Finding something that you want before takes a long time, you even have to surf the entire area just to find it. Then, as the year of information finally came to our aid, anything that we want know and look for is literally in the tip of our fingers.

Having said that, finding the top 5 recommended companies for cooling tower rental should only take you a couple of seconds. However, to save you a lot of trouble here are the top 5 recommended companies for cooling tower rental. They’re not arranged however, as to which company the most sought after is or the popular ones.

•    Cannon Water technology, Inc. – which provides and offers services for industrial and processed water treatment, chemicals and trainings.  In their servitude they were able to combine their 30 years of experience in HVAC water treatment community, providing a lower and affordable rate. Offering a faster result, they likewise distribute a wide range of chemical handling.

•   Creation cooling towers – Their Company was established in 1995 and creation cooling towers manufactured RCC construction cooling towers, wooden and FRP cooling towers. Creation cooling towers were also into supplying different kinds of spares and servicing of existing cooling towers.

•    Thermal Care, Inc. – manufactures and produces cooling equipment for industry all over the world. Providing skillfully engineered temperature controllers, cooling towers and reservoirs, central and portable chillers. They also provide thermal care customers wide a wide variety of process cooling solutions, ranging from off the shelf to integrated models.

•    Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. – was the first to come up with the polyethylene design cooling tower during the early 70’s. Since then they have managed to develop it and have bettered their previous products. Currently, the cooling towers offered are corrosion proof.

•    REYMSA Cooling Towers has been known to be in the cooling business for more than 35 years. Offering the best Non-Corrosive Cooling towers on the industry today. All of the cooling towers they provide are certified by the CTI thermal performance.

These are just among the many cooling towers rental companies that provide affordable services; you may or may not follow on what has been listed above. Just as mentioned earlier everything can now be searched for on the World Wide Web.

Top 5 Recommended Companies for Chiller Rental

One of the many advantages of the Internet today, is the access to countless and unlimited information that you can acquire from it. Especially if you’re someone who is in need of a certain services, yet has no idea where to find such providers. Thus, with the use of a computer and an internet connection, you’ll be able to find the kind of services that you basically need. No matter what kind of services it is, just like on the case of looking for chiller rental companies.
Though, you may find hundreds and even thousands of chiller rental providers. It is still beneficial for you to find the right companies, which will offer you the kind of services and quality that you need.

There are countless companies out there but here are the top 5 recommended companies for chiller rental that you may find on the web:

•    Ameritemp Ltd. – One of the known distributor of large range of convenient climate control and power equipment, portable heater, air-conditioning and ventilation equipment, light towers, chillers, spot cooling systems, fans, air movers and ventilators…etc, tec. Offers portable chiller rental with cooling capability ranging from 5.5 to 13.1 ton, and an accessible temperature varying from minus 35o to plus 20o Fahrenheit.

•    Carrier Rental Systems – One of the most leading chiller rentals company in the industry today. Covering almost anything from offices, petroleum refineries, chemical processing and pharmaceutical plants, electric utilities, food & beverage processing industries…etc. Their chillers are used to complement the current chilled water systems, and also provides emergency chiller through outage and cooling condenser water.

•   Aggreko – offers rental services for all sorts of chillers, air conditioners, cooling towers, heaters, power cables, transformers, even refrigerators, compressors & air handlers. Serving not only private functions and entities but industrial plants as well. Rental services is available 24 hours a day, no matter what time you need to avail of their services all you need to do is call their hotline number or visit their site.

•    Total Environmental Management, Inc. – Providing rental services such as temporary cooling systems, trailer mounted units, chillers and cooling components, hospital cooling, movie studio air conditioning, cooling and heating needs as well as recommends solutions for their clients…These are just among the many rental services they offer for any heater and cooling machines.

•    Surplus Record Machinery & Equipment Directory – their company is basically a directory of almost 60,000 units of surplus and used industrial machines. Advertising from 1,100 manufacturers and suppliers all over the world, if you’re one of those who want to save lots of money. You can opt to purchase the rented chiller which literally works just as good as the new ones. They also rebuild and sells used chillers and cooling towers as well.

How to Evaluate the Performance of your Cooling Tower

Once you found out that you have installed all the necessary cooling tower that your plant needs, it’s time for you then to learn how to evaluate the performance of your cooling tower.

No matter how good and expensive your cooling towers if it’s not well maintained, it will eventually lead to its poor performance. These massive cooling towers have important role in ensuring its performance and efficiency, bear in mind that their operation is crucial. Failure to maintain and manage the temperature of your machine can lead to disaster such as fire, affecting other industrial procedures in the process. Every part of each cooling tower varies in performance, its massive fans and fan decks enables air to circulate within the tower itself. It also expels the air through its exhaust vents, such fans uses gearboxes powered by drive shafts and motors.

Damages to any of the cooling tower parts, especially if exposed to high temperatures, high pressures, humidity and moist conditions poor performance would then be inevitable. It is commonly known that metal easily corrodes if exposed to too much moisture and if not properly coated as well. It can only be treated with anti-corrosive chemicals, or flushed using the Nitrogen gas.

Gearboxes parts could malfunction as well which will affect the cooling towers performance. Its drift eliminators can be brittle or become congested, and its nozzles can be broken or blocked as well. Its fill should then be replaced, seeing that is continued exposure to heat and water can wear out its components. Which eventually makes the cooling tower ineffective and malfunctioned over time, therefore every various components should be properly taken care of.
Neglecting to evaluate and maintain any of the cooling tower’s parts will become less efficient in functioning properly for the power plant. Maintaining the value of each part should be fully stressed, knowing that the cost of engaging a massive repair of the cooling towers entire system will be a great pain in your pocket. This will require more down time of layups, adding to its cost, which will later on present its own set of dangers. Dangers should be expected to happen, such as rapid corrosion on the metal parts once oxygen is introduced into its system.

Proper maintenance, continuous monitoring as well as constant evaluation, will greatly help the good performance of the plant’s cooling tower system.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Cooling Tower

If you’re operating an industrial plant or factory, it’s not enough that you’ll be able to operate smoothly and in optimum condition. You need to ensure that you’ll be able to provide and continue to perform a high aptitude even though things may not be at its best.

Therefore it is imperative that you provide your factory or plant the needed backups or reinforcements it may need.
Here are 5 reasons why you should rent a cooling tower for your factory or plant:

•    It will enable your plant or factory to be prepared when adverse change in weather or climate happens. Knowing that no matter what type of weather or climate may occur; your business or factory should not be affected by such changes. Especially during cold and hard winters, you may be confident that you actually have everything figured out. Though you may think that you have company’s heating condition right, you still can be affected by humidity problems. Risking your equipments from metal corrosion, therefore if you can’t afford to buy such equipment it is best to rent one.

•    Not only during hard and cold winter or wet months, but even summer months as well. Your plant may be at risk of burning out or slowing down, especially during the times of sustained heat. The best solution that you can have is to provide your plant or factory a cooling tower, if you can’t afford one you might as well rent one. It would be best to be prepared, it may be costly but it will still help your factory or plant to work efficiently and effectively.

•    It can help your old cooling towers boot up its capacity, by way of augmenting your existing cooling tower. Diverting a portion of hot water from your current cooling tower passing it unto the rented cooling tower.

•    It’ll isolate a specific exchanger or group of exchangers from your old cooling tower system, and putting it on the rental tower. These will help your plant or company stay on track no matter how hot it is outside.

•    The best part of it all, it’ll be of great help for your plant. And since it’s just a rented cooling tower, you can easily discontinue its services if you think your own cooling tower can handle the job itself.

The important thing is that you’ll be able to provide protection to your company’s performance by providing ample protection and safety it needs.

Portable Cooling Towers

One of the most common portable cooling towers that you might be able to relate unto is your average air conditioning unit system. It might not be able to cool down an entire plant or factory but there are some cooling towers that are basically for such huge structures.

Air conditioning is commonly referred to as the procedure of dehumidifying the air for your comfort; it has been designed to give coziness and comfort specifically during those unbearable hot and warm seasons.

As we advance technologically, chemical developments and electrical discoveries have improved the concept of portable cooling towers and air conditioners. However, its purpose still remains, to give comfort and coziness to its users. It has been known that in indoor environment, portable coolers supplies a constant or unchanging temperature regulating it no matter what weather changes may occur outside.

However, its function may differ and its size may vary as well if where you’re going to install it. Naturally if you’re going to install it in a large or huge structure let’s say a factory. You don’t need a portable cooling tower but the big ones, a cooling tower that will be able to regulate the temperature of your plant or factory.

Furthermore, it’s not only the thought of comforting its user that usually comes into play with portable cooling towers. It also supplies practical and appropriate settings in different circumstances where crucial procedures need to be implemented, it is known as the Process application.

This can be manifested in operating rooms and emergency rooms in every hospital, air conditioning unit provides and filters air as well as control humidity to lessen the risk of dehydration of the patient. Surgeries such as by-pass operation requires about 18 degrees Celsius, whereas industrial and electrical plants which produces IC’s as well as pharmaceuticals requires clean rooms with the highest level of clean air. Other such big plants and factories which need regulated and controlled air use cooling towers that will provide them of what they need.

Today, the use of portable cooling towers are not limited to indoor or closed area only but can also be used in any outdoor events as well such as: weddings, tournaments and all other outdoor activities that needed some cooling. And as technological advancement goes more advanced people gets the chance to experience its wonders and at the same time, enjoy all the amenities, the convenient and comfort that it certainly offers.
Indeed, from the time of the Greeks up to now, portable cooling towers has literally brought comfort and coziness for each individual be it in an indoor setting or outdoor happenings.

Cooling Tower Rental

If you’re running a huge industrial plant or factory and you’re confident enough that it’s running smoothly in best conditions, you might as well not be over confident. You’ll never know when certain circumstantial factors would easily come to play. So the best thing for you to do is be prepared when such situation may come to arise.

Such factors as environmental changes may cause a great impact on your plants performance, if you haven’t prepared certain measures to counter act such natural occurrences. Extreme weather changes to be exact could let you lose a lot of money if you have been caught unprepared as your plant may struggle to perform; therefore it is crucial that you make yourself ready to deal with unpleasant condition.

One of such known and natural conditions that may happen is during summer heats. As you may be well aware of you may not only risk your business during cold and wet seasons, even during summer months can bring possible dilemma to your business too. During these hot and warm seasons, your factory or plant may find itself in jeopardy of burning itself out or slowing down its performance.

And if you happen to be saving from your electric consumptions, this is where cooling tower rentals may come in aid for your company. You don’t have to sacrifice your company’s productivity and performance just to save expenses on your end. Since there are some cooling tower rental companies which offer affordable and negotiable cooling towers such as the one you can find at

So, you know that the best way in minimizing your plants or factory’s productivity from suffering in such steamy hot weather is to seek professional and outside help from cooling tower rental companies.

There are actually several ways in boosting your plants cooling capabilities, the first one is to augment or enhance your plant or factory’s existing cooling tower. How to do this? Simply be redirecting a part of hot water from your cooling tower by passing it to the rented one. What the other cooling tower does is isolate a certain exchanger from your cooling tower and put it on the rented cooling tower. Such solution will definitely help you stay on the same track no matter how warm and hot the weather may become, or no matter how hot it is outside you can be sure that inside your plant is as cool as Antarctic’s breeze.

Cooling Tower Repair

Cooling tower repair can be found easily nowadays, and to find such a repair maintenance that’ll keep those big Decker fans keep functioning properly you certainly need a professional cooling tower repair personnel. Not just one who knows how to clean and repair it but know as well all the parts of the cooling tower that needs maintenance of.

Keeping a cooling tower in a tip top shape helps a lot in the plants full functionality and operation, whether it is an industrial or commercial machine. The huge cooling towers used in factories and electric plants have certainly lots of parts that needs to be maintained and be repaired from time to time.

Its function is essential and crucial to the plant or factory as a whole, failure to administer the right temperature can lead to disaster such as fire and electrical shortages. This will surely affect the industrial plants processes which entirely rely on a maintained and specified setting of temperature.

Cooling towers parts which consist of massive fans and fan decks which make the air circulate within the tower, or help forces out the air through the exhaust vents of the tower. Such fan uses gearboxes power-driven by motors and drive shafts which regulates and controls its speed. There are other parts of the cooling tower that literally needs maintenance and repairs, which clearly if neglected could suspend the plants functions.

Damage brought to any of such parts, high-pressure, high temperature, humidity and moist conditions when exposed to such factors. Cooling tower’s damage would certainly be inevitable, as moisture can corrode its metal parts if not coated properly, or untreated with anti-corrosive or flushed using nitrogen gas. And all the other vital cooling tower parts that needs to be properly maintained and cleaned from time to time.

Unless each of the cooling tower’s components is not properly well maintained and taken care of, the towers functionality and performance would be inefficient. Its value therefore of properly maintaining its parts should be stressed further if you consider the cost of engaging a huge repair of its entire system. This essentially needs certain amount of time and layups, in addition to its expenses, it may even present its own dangers which includes rapid metal decay once the oxygen have been introduced to the metal.

To find such an efficient cooler tower repair personnel you can visit and inquire for yourself on how to avail of their services. Certain information that might be needed from would be of great help in confirming any repairs or maintenance you might need from them.

Chiller rental

The industry of air conditioning and cooling towers and chillers have been expanding rapidly in the last few years. Chiller rental companies have made it big in the cooling industry as well.

So, if you need something that can help you in chilling certain products that needed to be chilled and cooled for several days, then don’t hesitate to ask them on how to avail of their services. Better yet why not visit them online at and get the needed information you need to learn to rent their chillers.

However, before availing or renting such chillers it is best for you to know or be well informed about such units. Or if you already own a chiller you need to know how to maintain it or how it usually works. It’s not just that you have to rent them, it is imperative that you know how such unit works as well.

So what is a chiller? One concrete example of a chiller is your refrigerator which is basically designed to chill your water; this is also how a cooling tower works in a complicated climate system. Its core cold generators are basically made of fan coil units; it’s a simple machine which consists of a cooling or heating coil as well as a fan. The chiller is attached to it through a pumping station.

There are several types of chillers that you need to be aware of before renting one. Chiller rentals have the following: indoor air-cooled and outdoor air-cooled chillers, air cooled-chillers with detachable condenser and water-cooled chillers which is basically attached to a water cooling tower or a running water reservoir.

Another good example of a chiller is your average air-conditioning unit, which as you may be aware of is used in every office nowadays. It allows independent and free regulation of the temperature in a huge number of sites at a certain period of time. In such case the chiller which is your AC is the source of the cold in its system. It basically cools the flowing water by means of the tubing. The tubing is used to manage the space’s temperature where such chiller is installed. It can actually change its performance effectively as well as flexible in its operation.

So, now that you have an idea technically speaking on what type of chiller you ought to rent of, you might find it helpful in choosing the right one that is essential in whatever purpose that you might need it off.

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